We develop programs and aid in discovering partners that mutually benefit from the affiliation. The results are to expand marketing platforms and sales territories with new product offerings, project management and activation.


  • Radio
  • Social Media
Full service media strategy, placement and posting organization involving broadcast, print, digital, and social channels.

Digital Media

  • SEO, SEM, Display
  • Website Development, Logos
Full Digital Asset company including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Pay Per Click), Website development, Display(Banner ads, GEO Fencing, Webpage Takeovers) and Social media (Facebook, Social Conquesting, Blogs).

Events & Sales

Utilize companies current and future products and programs to create new opportunities to drive revenue. Assist companies in expanding territories by selling products, project management and staff training. Develop and activate internal and off site sales, marketing and community targeted events.
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